When you approach home design, you likely do so in a couple of different ways – choosing elements and colours that simply look attractive or using an existing pattern or decor theme to get along your decisions.
This home owner has selected balance bright and a palette version of colour for the space, incorporating by classic & modern look.
As the living area is opened up all the way into the dining, we revolve it naturally as versatile space.  Simple and neat TV cabinet with contra stripes along lively plants and deco items.  The Bamboo featured panel / dividers gives a nature feel.
A customized books, open storage cum utilization of the space at staircase, this cabinet has it's expediency as the Client owns a number of books for reading as a hobby
Meanwhile, lighter and brighter colour used as well at the kitchen to create a spacious design,  The customized Sliding door that separates the Dry & Wet Kitchen initiates comfortability to the owner and at the same time promote the connectivity.
When it comes to the bedroom, the customer once again preferred the brighter tone, hence we manage to collaborate successfully within the options.
The Full Height cushioned bed head which attracts and makes owner happy the most.  Customized study Table with the books storage compartment also gives clean & tidy look.
Added to it the Sliding Wardrobe with the Woody effect and the Storage compartment with multiple layer combining open shelves and drawers allows you with no restriction of storing things.
Another success for our Team!

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