Blend of simple, cozy and contemporary elements with spaces that are purposeful with the humble approach of natures.   This "Earthy" inspired design is all about natural colours, in soft tones and more to wooden effects and its usage
Heading to the living area with the bright and refreshing tone of colour which comes with the matching neat & tidy TV cabinet with the silver stripe.  Given the space for the deco at the console has added the simplicity.
Turning to the amazing kitchen, this client who loves using the natural finishing insisted for wooden looking kitchen cabinets (natural colour) along with the floor & wall tiles with the same theme.  Apparently, the client whom also loves reading all the time and here we customize a special compartment for the book's storage.
Moving to the Master Bedroom, again here we have emphasized the protracted theme on the flooring and wall features.  With the simple and elegant Pendant Light brings the a little modern touch into this space.  Go on with the bath area, the client is pleased with the wide wall mirror, lengthy cabinet and the full height storage cabinets which accommodates them.
The client's son prefers a simple access to his room, we build him the floating wardrobe with contrast color panel.  A petite  touch on the simple hanging pendant light.
Overall, we are grateful that we  have made the Owner happy & satisfied with our works.

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