Wee Jen's Resident's Week 1-2

This is one of the really fun Project that we are curently dealing wit, Transforming an old single story House into something Rastic and Modern!

Task 1 was to hack off the unwanted walls, one of them is to enlarge the toilets and the other the dining area.

Task 2 Next was the removal of wall tiles. we need the wall raw for our cement furnish later on.

Task 3 Removal of old awning at front porch. We will be replacing it with something more rustic!

Task 1 to construct the new awning or.roof at the porch area! Rain won’t stop us from working!

Task 2 We manage to remove the ceiling as it will be replace with new plaster ceiling. We then found alot of leaking at the roof. The rain actually help us identify the places that need to.be fix!

Task 3 Did some samples for the cement was that we are going to do! It.looks good!

All the best for the first 2 weeks!

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