Using Traditional Games To Decorate Your House

Using Traditional Games to decorate your House  

1. Wau Wau
is a Traditional game and also can be a decoration in the house. We can locate Wau at the ceiling corner that can bring an “wow” effect.

2. 5 Stone
is using rice & some colourful cloth to done it. Will it be an decoration too? 5 Stone can be paste into a piece of art with different colour and locate on the wall.

3. Gasing
Gasing such a game that we seldom saw nows a day. How do Gasing to decoration our house? I have some idea that is using Gasing to do a painting on the wall. Or join some of the Gaisng together to make a lattern.

4. Congkak
Congkak is one of the fun game in the Malay Tradisional Games. To use congkak to decoration in house I would like to introduce it to be a serving plate. It can be put glass of food/ snack in every single hole and locate it at the living hall of the house.

5. Shuttlecock
Shuttlecock is a colourful Traditional Game. I would like to use shuttlecock hang in front window when the wind blow in we can see the moement of the colourful shuttlecock.

6. Sepak Takraw
Sport Takraw one of a fun game to play with buddy. Its also can decorate as lighting. Use your imagination to put in a light bulb in to the ball and hanging it up.

Be creative and decorate your Home this hari raya!

Written by: Yvonne interior designer @ The Door Interiors

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