Pretz N Beanz Cafe

The Idea for this space was to have a touch of rustic, fun, down to earth and with a touch of classiness.

Therefore, bricks, cement, maple wood colors and a pop of colors were used in the over all spaces.

Each space is unique its own way. The beauty of this space were the Windows. This gives an advantage as the interior can help attract more customers into the space.

Pretz and Beanz is one of the projects where it involve reusing all of their old furnitures and upgrading it. One of the main challenges was blending them into the new concept. Adding new sofa covers does help alot.

And we were given only 4 weeks to complete!

Each of our projects starts with an empty space...

Week 1-2 of the renovation works, Hacking, Wet works, Bricks all up, wiring works all rushing up!

Week 3-4 – Carpentry works metal works in!

Counting down to hand over date! 3days to go! Testing Lightings, wallpapers up, touch up here and there!

2days left, all still works finally done! Cleaning here and there. Lose furnitures in!

Last Day before hand over! Plants in time to arrange the decos! Work all night to.completw it!

Finally the Opening day! All prepare for the big crowd!

And yes in deed did eveyone love it! So proud to be the ID!

Even the washroom was design to blend with the dining areas.  The walls were all cement rendered and a pop of color was added.

We even some really lovely flowers to them.

After all the hard work,.time to order the food of Pretz and Beanz! Heres the Pretzal Pizza with a cup of super nice coffee!

And of Course never forgetting about their Toast Bread! Super Yummy!

Lastly, of course all thanks to our team of designers and contractors. Thumbs up.for them! Bravo!

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