Here's some great Tips for the Upcoming Christmas!

Here's some great Tips for the Upcoming Christmas!

It's all about the CHRISTMAS!   Decorating your home is one of the best thing you can do to satisfy yourself deliberately.  This DIYs ideas will definitely save you money, and they're seriously cool and unique, too. You'll find the best in this list.

Tartan Stockings

Give tattered plaid blankets and scarves new lives by transforming them into stockings with fringe. You can do the same with old quilts and blankets.  Make Christmas more complete with these stunning crafts.  What could more nice to see other than your own creations.

DIY Snowflakes Deco

Three easy patterns to make paper snowflakes. These are pretty holiday decorations for your walls or windows. DIY snowflakes shall be the easiest one.  You just need a pen, scissors & a square paper. The pattern of it always depends on how you want it to be. That's all!!!

Memory Photo Wreath

This Christmas memory photo wreath is a snap to make, and it is a wonderful way to pull priceless photos off of your computer or phone to display in your home.  It is also reminds you of the people you might have not seen for some time and to bring back the old memories.  Let’s get started!

Recycle of Tube Boards

Turn empty mailing tubes, wrapping paper tubes, or paper towel tubes into this gorgeous holiday wreath. This tube come from the emptied toilet role or kitchen tissue.  Do not throw it. Turn it to a cost saving cum DIY deco for your Christmas.

Upcycled - Greeting Card Deco

Do not throw your old greeting cards  especially  when its from someone special.  Turn it to  a exciting garland and decorate using it.  It's kind of being back your memory and t show you might need to get connected with someone again.

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