Green Interior Design - What is Green Interior Design?

Green Interior Design - What is Green Interior Design?

Green or Eco-friendly Interior Design emphases on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment and to have more understanding to developed a family-friendly design. At “The Door Interiors Sdn Bhd”,  we guide you through the process of selecting safe furnishings and finishes for your home and we always support to build our custom, eco-friendly upholstery.

Place plants as decoration

Nothing could be much better than placing plants in your house. Plants can help filter air and would aid in removing harmful chemicals in the room. Aside from the health benefits it can give, it also adds beauty to your home and gives it a natural and fresh ambience. Choose plants that fit your home. It could either by short ones or the tall ones.

Let sunlight in

Another smart way of creating an eco-friendly indoor is by letting the sunlight in and maximizing daylight. You can do this by using skylights and open shades. You can also let your windows face south to get enough sunlight. Doing this can healthier for both the environment and you!

Organic and natural materials

This is one good way to achieve an eco-friendly home. But you would be spending more when you use these kinds of materials. 

Eco-Friendly wall coverings

For your walls, choose paints that do not release harmful substances. You can also use wall coverings like wallpapers & soft grass to cover your walls. Aside from being green, these can surely make your walls look beautiful.

Furniture from natural woods

Well, of course, you would use furniture that is made from organic materials. You can even request for customized wooden or bamboo furniture. This can give a more personal touch to your home.

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