DIY Deco for Chinese New Year 2019

DIY Deco for Chinese New Year 2019


The Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival. This is a time for family reunions, visiting relatives and friends and exchanging greetings for the coming New Year. It is also a time to ring out the old and ring in the new Below are some DIY decorating ideas used to create festivity and also to enhance the feel for the celebration.

Mandarin oranges

Mandarin oranges and kumquats are popular because of their golden hues. Pile them up in a basket or have a full kumquat plant in a pot in your house to bring in prosperity and good luck.  You can also make it as a fruits wreath to hang at the entrance door.  Besides that, you can always wrap them in a transparent cloths and give away as a gift to the visitors

Ang Pao’ (Red Packet) Hanging Fish Decoration

It is an appealing decoration and one that kids can easily make. These could go well not only in your homes.  It's a tradition that "FISHES" identified to be one of the many representations of good luck. They will look attractive at any wall which could be done up as quickly as 5 minutes.

Lantern Holder

You can try to make and use this lantern holder that will serve as a decoration and also a lantern holder. Furthermore, the Lanterns are instant Chinese New Year mood boosters for any space. Easy to make and extremely customizable in terms of size and colours, these lanterns are definitely a must-have for your home this CNY. 

Fabric Fortune Cookies

Not a good baker? These fabric fortune cookies will be a perfect substitute that will not shortchange the fun. Get some festive fabrics, cut them into circles, slot slips of wisdom and fortune into it, and seal them up. it could be also a fun game during the get together which spread a good and positive vibes

Tissue Flower Wall Decor

If the idea of the dealing with fresh flowers frightens and stresses you.  Let your imagination run a little and make the most awesome tissue flowers for your space. You can always customize the designs & colour  that comforts you.  Gather your friends and family to help you out too!

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