Breakfast Talk With Kate Choo

We did our first UPCYCLE talk at Rotary Club Bukit Kiara today and it was a success!

The morning startes with very breakfast at bukit kiara equestrian club.

We started off with an basic introduction about TDI and the Upcycling.

Products from 3 different companies were showcased, each with their own unique way of upcycling!

Vintage Termos or fan turn into Lighting by Dumpwerks!

Chrome Pipes turn into lighting by Dumpwerks.

Recycled Pallete wood turn into Decorative Mini Horse by Dumpwerks.

Carboard bags and files by IMPERFECT! (right hand side of the pic)

Some Decorative teak wood from Home Treasures!

We even receive a Souvenir from Thanks guys! Upcycle yourself today!

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