In interior design, one of the key elements are the soft furnishing. Here are just some of the items you can purchase yourself or even asking us to mix and match for you.

Try it for this coming hari raya! Its one of the easiest way to upgrade and brighten up your space!

Had a coffee talk with Zaira showroom at Sri Hartamas Shopping mall.

Their fabrics are mostly from India. Brand name call Ddecor. One of the good thing about their products were the quality. The pricing is very reasonable. This fabrics range from rm5 to rm2000 per meter.

Just so you know, the trend for this Hari raya is apparently blue and gold! So to our malay and Muslim counterparts.  Choose your colors and decorate now!

This are just some of the accessories used to hang your curtains.

Fabrics can be use in many ways. It can be transform into pillows, curtains, bed sheets, even panels as shown below.

Close it and you see fabrics as a panel.

Open it and your see your storage inside. A really cool way to cover up.

With the ceo of zaira, hope you guys learn something from this.

Have fun with some fabrics for this festive season!

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