5 Simple Element Designs You Can Have For This Hari Raya!

5 Simple element design you can have for this Hari Raya!

1. Fairy lights

Who doesn’t like colorful lighting shine around the house? It bring out the lively atmosphere to the surrounding during Hari Raya celebration. They also can be easily get from shopping malls, grocery store and they are inexpensive too and easy to install.

2. Plants and Flowers

Plants, living or artificial are the perfect way to enliven to the space and inject beauty and warmth in the living room. It’s the simplest and easiest decoration for Hari Raya.


Ketupat is one of the synonymous symbol for Hari Raya and it’s an extremely popular for Hari Raya. You can see it anywhere during Raya festival. Ketupat can be easily decorate on wall or hang outside the house and anywhere you want to.

4. DIY on the wall

Everyone can be decorate anything that you like on the wall. Even using duit raya packets to form into ketupat shape as a focal point on your wall. It just that we need to spend a little time on it to make it wonderful for Raya. Create your own feature wall for Raya by using your own creativity, it doesn’t need to be perfect but wonderful is more than enough.

5. DIY Fabric Wall Art

Fabric is the most common material we can get in our daily life. You can easily create your own fabric wall by using old batik, shirt with pattern, silk or any fabric that you don’t want. It’s doesn’t have to be similar to each other, or same size frame, pattern as long as it doesn’t look weird when it come together. You can even make it as your own personal painting wall.

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Written by: Interior Designer Kah Lai from The Door Interiors

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