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Makeover of a built-in cabinet.

  • Authorphua8686
  • Date 19 May 2014
  • CategoryProduct Design Upcycle


Makeover of a built-in cabinet.

Originally viewed as bland but overly large and clunky, the decision was made to mount a smaller (but still similar-sized) but more aesthetically pleasing replacement built-in cabinet into the space left behind after stripping out the older cabinet’s fittings.

After fitting the new cabinet into the space, wall framing was mounted around the front of the new cabinet in preparation of sealing the excess space with drywall. The new cabinet itself receives a significant overhaul, being sanded, its drawers stripped of unwanted aftermarket décor fittings and repainted white. New door handles purchased on the Internet were also fitting onto the cabinet.

The resulting makeover is a more distinctive built-in cabinet layout suitable to be complemented with traditional interior designs.


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