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Decoration Ideas Hari Raya for 2017!

  • AuthorKate Choo
  • Date 15 May 2017
  • CategoryAdvices Design Product Design Residential

Have a Prosperous Raya Celebration. EID MUBARAK!!!

As Hari Raya celebration is around the corner, are you getting the anxieties that you haven’t done enough to decorate your home for the celebration? Worry not, we intend to share some of our deco ideas, can use to beautify your home during this Hari Raya.  Many things which we intend to throw it away as the scrap.  But what we don’t realize is, we may find treasures in the trash.

Emptied Water Bottles

Hari Raya  cristal2    

Emptied water bottles can be used either as a wall hanging vase for your outdoor and also indoor plants just buy cutting it into half.

Table Runner, Rug & Trivet

The Door Interiors The Door Interiors

Convert the used Batik materials from your Baju Kurung as the table runner with an added lace & tassel, trivet for your hot pots with an added thick sponge, rug or floor mat.

DIY – Long Paper Garland Ornaments Curtains

Hari Raya Decoration  HR016 B

Cut the colored dazzling papers into your favorite patterns and hang them as the bling curtains. Get your children involve and busy with this task along learning the tradition.

Tin Can Lantern

1 2 3

Transform an emptied metal milk or oatmeal container as an elevated lantern. It brings out the lively atmosphere to the surrounding.  It also can be used as cookies canister.

DIY Projects Using Old and Scratched CDs


Compact Discs or CDs is slowly losing ground to popular internet-based distribution services. While many of us still have many CDs remaining in our music collections, most people end up throwing them out if they’re scratched or not listening to them anymore.

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